About Us

UPDATE: October 2013
A lot has changed since we originally started the group. Finding interested model railroaders in San Diego has been the biggest battle in helping the group grow; however, there has been recent interest by the modeling community and a few of us still involved are working to get this group up and moving, and growing again. If you would like to be part of this next phase, please let us know. You can also join the San Diego Free-mo Facebook group page for more timely updates.

What is San Diego Free-mo Group?
The San Diego Free-mo Group is a group of model railroad enthusiasts who construct, operate and display HO (1:87 scale) modular model railroads. We share a common interest in prototype modeling from the 1970s, to the modern day era, and aim for the highest level of detail and realism on our modules, models and scenery. Individual members are encouraged to build their own modules that best suits their interests.

Free-mo modules can be built to take on many shapes and sizes within the standard dimensions. The Free-mo specification that we follow is based on the U.S. Free-mo standards.

Our group was founded in the summer of 2010 by three guys who were inspired by a Los Angeles Free-mo setup. The first thing we agreed upon was absolutely no officers to govern the group. We are not a club in the typical sense—no officers or dues. The group governs itself as a whole with the fundamental idea that we recreate what we see in the real-world, which translates to realistic model railroading. We all share our individual ideas, make decisions together, but most importantly—have fun!

Though we are currently a small group, the goal is to expand so that we may further promote the Free-mo standard, and model railroading within our community.

There are no requirements to join San Diego Free-mo Group. If you are interested in model railroading, and the Free-mo concept, we only ask that you love model trains, and want to have fun. Whether you’re new to the hobby, or have been practicing it for years, please do not hesitate to contact us.